The nominees for Norway’s Amanda Awards 2016

The nominees for Norway’s Amanda Awards have been announced, with Joachim Trier’s Louder Than Bombs receiving eight nominations and Roar Uthaug’s The Wave receiving six.

These awards seem rather surprising, especially the category ‘Best Norwegian Film’ (or best cinema film if you want to literally translate). Now, there is no doubt that The Wave has been the biggest film to come from Norway possibly ever. However, is it really the ‘best’? If you read our review, you’d see that we don’t think so. It’s a shame that Welcome to Norway! wasn’t nominated as that was easily one of the best films to come from Norway. It had it all – good story, good characters and above all it was actually made in Norway, which cannot be said for Louder Than Bombs. While Joachim Trier is Norway’s pride and joy, Louder Than Bombs is more English than Norwegian. It’s a shame that it’ll probably win the category because there are much better local productions that deserve the recognition. Lastly, The Man From Snåsa was the biggest documentary release in the country, but it was just that – a documentary. Give it the awards in its own category. I know the title ‘Beste kinofilm’ means best film released in cinemas, but you can’t just award films on tickets sold.

Lastly, why no mention of The Last King? The film about to have a huge release in the US? That deserves as much love as The Wave. And if they are giving nominations on big names, Kristofer Hivju and Jakob Oftebro are the two biggest actors from Norway at the moment. Lastly, it’s sad to not see Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken not on the list. The up and comer has been releasing new films left and right, and he deserves some recognition.

The Amanda Awards will be hosted by Jakob Oftebro on the 26th of August. Here are the nominees:

Best Norwegian Film

Best Kids Film

  • Doctor Proctors tidsbadekar
  • Knutsen og Ludvigsen og den faele Rasputin
  • Solan og Ludvig – Herfra til Flåklypa

Best Director

  • Halkawt Mustafa – El Clásico
  • Joachim Trier – Louder Than Bombs
  • Roar Uthaug – The Wave

Best Female Actor

  • Bente Børsum – Late Summer
  • Liv Bernhoft Osa – Pyromaniac
  • Vera Vitali – Grand Hotel

Best Male Actor

  • Atle Antonsen – Grand Hotel
  • Anders Baasmo Christiansen – Welcome to Norway!
  • Devin Druid – Louder Than Bombs

Best Female Supporting

  • Maria Bock – Revenge
  • Andrea Bræin Hovig – All the Beauty
  • Renate Reinsve – Welcome to Norway!

Best Male Supporting

  • Gabriel Byrne – Louder Than Bombs
  • Per Frisch – Pyromaniac
  • Olivier Mukata – Welcome to Norway!


Best Script

  • Megan Gallagher – Grand Hotel
  • Rune Denstad Langlo – Welcome to Norway!
  • Eskil Vogt og Joachim Trier – Louder Than Bombs

Best Cinematography

  • Sjur Aarthun – Villmark 2
  • Jakob Ihre – Louder Than Bombs
  • John Christian Rosenlund – The Wave

Best Production Design

  • Are Austnes – Solan & Ludvig – Herfra til Flåklypa
  • Martin Gant – Villmark 2
  • Karl Júlíusson – Doktor Proktors tidsbadekar

Best Visual Effects

  • Lars Erik Hansen – The Wave
  • Thilo Ewers – Doktor Proktors tidsbadekar
  • Mats Andersen – Pyromaniac

Best Music

  • Magnus Beite – The Wave
  • Trond Bjerknes – El Clásico
  • Kåre Vestrheim, Øystein Dolmen og Gustav Lorentzen – Knutsen & Ludvigsen og den fæle Rasputin

Best Editing

  • Olivier Bugge Coutté – Louder Than Bombs
  • Vidar Flataukan – The Wendy Effect
  • Helle le Fevre – All the Beauty

Best Short Film

  • Frysninger, regi Marius Myrmel, produsent Marius Myrmel
  • Fuglehjerter, regi Halfdan Ullmann Tøndel, produsent Frederik Hestvold Retrett, regi Itonje Søimer Guttormsen, produsent Itonje Søimer Guttormsen

Best Documentary

  • Dugma – The Button – regi Paul Refsdal, produsent Ingvil Giske for Medieoperatørene,
  • Kvar song ei soge – regi Aaslaug Vaa, produsenter Knut Skoglund og Aaslaug Vaa for Villa Lofoten
  • Mannen fra Snåsa – regi Margreth Olin, produsent Margreth Olin for Speranza Film

Best International Film

  • Det helt nye testamentet (Belgia/Frankrike/Luxembourg), regi Jaco Van Dormael, distributør Another World Entertainment Dheepan (Frankrike), regi Jacques Audiard, distributør Tour De Force
  • Virgin Mountain (Island), regi Dagur Kári, distributør Europafilm
  • Room (USA), regi Lenny Abrahamson, distributør United International Pictures Sauls sønn (Ungarn), regi Laszlo Nemes, distributør Arthaus
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