The Magic Box: An Introduction to Roy Andersson’s World

From Maupassant to Fellini

It all began in the summer of 1969 with a twenty-six-year-old young director just barely out of the Swedish Film Institute who got the opportunity to direct his first feature-length film, En kärlekshistoria that in the US was distributed under the title A Swedish Love Story. Little did he know that his film debut - a story of rare beauty inspired by the French and Czech New Wave - would soon turn out to be major popular success and remain on the shelves of video stores just as much as . . .


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Judit Hollos

Judit Katalin Hollos is a Hungarian teacher, writer, translator and freelance actress. She was educated at Budapest University, majoring in Swedish literature and language. Her articles, short stories, poems and translations have been featured in Hungarian and in English in anthologies and literary magazines both in Hungary and abroad.