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Swedish pubcaster SVT has confirmed that a fourth season of the incredibly popular ‘Nordic Noir’ series The Bridge is back for a fourth season.

Christian Wikander (the head of drama of SVT up until two days ago) told the Swedish newspaper Expressen that recording of the series will begin this winter. The series will open with a Halloween murder. Both Sofia Helin and Thure Lindhardt will return for the forth season, and there is no mention of whether or not Kim Bodnia will return (lets all remember he hasn’t died – he’s just in prison). We’d actually like a Bodnia return, to be honest. The series won’t feel right if it abandons his character completely – especially considering how much of the first two seasons needed him, and how present-day Saga is heavily reflective of her time with Martin, Bodnia’s character.

A planned premiere isn’t due until around 2018 according to Wikander, so fans will need to be patient with the new season.

Info via Dagbladet