Season 2 of OCCUPIED to premiere on Viaplay

The second season of the Norwegian political thriller Occupied is set to premiere on the Nordic streaming service Viaplay six months before it airs on TV2 in Norway. The release date is set for the fall of 2017.

Co-created and directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg, the series is about a nation under foreign occupation.

Occupied season two will be the second original production commissioned by Viaplay after Swedish Dicks, which is set to premiere this fall.

The first season of Occupied premiered on TV2 with nearly 700,000 viewers and has since screened in France and the UK.

We spoke to director Erik Skjoldbjærg about season two. Read the interview here.

Emma Vestrheim

Emma Vestrheim is the editor-in-chief of Cinema Scandinavia. Originally from Australia, she is now based in Bergen, Norway, and attends major Nordic film festivals to conduct interviews and review new films.

  1. Ben smit says:

    hello i like the occupied 1season realy good me never bin in noorwegen but i like to visit soon the soevrein country i like to be soevrein also i already feel myself soevrein only i need to claim it stil to the king

  2. Victoria Leptourgos says:

    We heard about the series from an owner of a used book store here in Madeira Beach, Florida. Totally loved it. Can’t wait for Season Two!

  3. I love the show I’ve listened to many Scandinavian movies I seek them out When I hear the words and I I’m reading along with it I feel like I’m hearing the language not reading it Please let Netflix or iTunes or someone in America have more of the Scandinavian programming Thank you I

  4. Esther Collazo says:

    Love this series can’t wait until next year for season 2. The acting and writing is pretty good love the way the language sounds.

  5. Gareth Taggart says:

    A very engaging program that cleverly shows the build up of tensions that can make a bad situation much worse. Sometimes p8atience is the greater virtue. Sometimes not.
    I have enjoyed season 1 immensely and look forward to season 2 next year.

  6. Alexander Brands says:

    Outstanding realistic series with a very well put together story and tension build up. Looking forward to season 2!

  7. Bruce Hines says:

    I’ve always been intrigued by Germany’s occupation and Norwegian resistance during WW2. This started my interest in the series but the story line with twists and turns kept my interest. I have recommended this series to many people and it is easily seen on Netflix. Can’t wait for the second season.

  8. yvonne almond says:

    best series of 2016 shown on British television roll on series two very true to life something of this nature is very plausible beats all the British soaps that are getting boring with poor story lines but Occupation kept you glued to the screen wanting to see more

  9. Philip Davies says:

    I am grateful to all concerned for producing this grown-up and thoughtful drama series. I have just watched it through in two evening sessions on Netflix UK. Very gripping, and very disturbing. The sort of power play that has made a hell of the Middle East is shown happening in an advanced European country. And how quickly everything degenerates into unstoppable conflict: Despite every sincere attempt to avoid crisis, an alarmingly credible nine months is all it takes to slip into an abyss from which no-one can expect to escape for many a long year.

    The ghosts of German occupation, and the looming shadows of Russian adventurism haunt this remarkable Norwegian drama, and remind us chillingly how fragile Peace still is. Dramatically powerful and immersive, and a deeply worrying glimpse into the uncertain and insecure future of the West, ‘Okkupert’ is outstanding drama.

    I hope the wait for the second series, which will show us the horrifying escalation in the disaster overtaking Norway, is not overtaken by comparably sinister developments in the real world … I am really spooked by the awful believability of this fictional national tragedy: I feel as if powerful hidden forces are out there, in the real but obscure world of high politics, manoeuvering in the darkness.

    We live in a threatening time, riven by forces of greed and cynicism and despair and hatred, where it is increasingly easy to believe in such conspiracies against the people, and not be laughed at. The team producing ‘Okkupert’ have shrewdly picked their moment to release it. It brims like a witches’ cauldron with so many of the retching fears that do, indeed, poison our lives today.

    Perhaps our culture and society in the West is instinctively getting used to the idea of a coming upheaval – preparing ourselves for what we anticipate, in our very waters, may be coming to pass?

  10. Anne says:

    Very good review. I share your interpretation of this series and trepidation about our volatile future. The real life “invasion” of the highest political office on earth foretells misery to come if we do not continue to press powerfully to unify amongst ourselves and create a concerted front. With pride, today I witness marches on all continents against heinous travesty unfolding before the world’s eyes. Nothing less than positive culture is at stake. …These are the most optimistic words that this highly optimistic person can speak.

  11. Gary Lyndon -Smith says:

    One of the best TV drama’s I have seen for a long time. I used to live in Norway during the 80’s and love the country and people. Well written and acted and as far as I am concerned, compelling viewing. Look forward to season 2. Don’t let us down by cancelling the show.

  12. Glenn Raynor says:

    Philip Davies,

    Your comment is instructional. I was a political science major in university and even though I followed a very different route, I am still very interested in current world politics. As an American, I see the desire in my own country to become more isolated from European entanglements. This desire for disengagement is very disconcerting because it emboldens Russian adventurism. The portrayal of a realistic incident in the Norwegian TV series “Occupied” is frightening, to say the least and is obviously a fear of the Norwegian populace. Thanks for your insight!

  13. Chuck says:

    great story, the Russians are tough, but these guys will kick their butt…. loved the storyline around the chick who got sick, also like the chef/wife

  14. Judy Meredith says:

    Philip and and Gary, your reviews and insights are spot on. I am an American living with Trump trauma as most of us are here. Those of us who see what is happening here with the subtle invasion of Russian ideology is almost as terrifying as the fictional occupation seen on “occupied”. Thank goodness I live in California which is Democratic in every way. I do not know how the European Union is different than here in the States and am very interested in learning about it. However we are all experiencing the same takeovers of right winged agendas that are trying to break down rational thinking due to hatred and greed.

  15. Marek says:

    I like the series and I am looking forward to season 2 but the premise for the series is just nonsense and some really stupid comments here from people who obviously don’t know anything and just eat the propaganda they are fed about ‘Russian Aggression’. Commentators ignore the fact that in the series it is the EU which desires Norway to restart its oil and gas production and that Russia essentially plays the role of mercenary/enforcer on behalf of the EU. This would NEVER happen. Its amazing morons talk about Russian adventurism yet overlook the much more common Western military adventurism. Its the West encroaching on Russia’s borders. I am not Russian but they only ever react with a military option when someone else uses it first. And the comparison with Ukraine is ridiculous; the US and EU supported a coup in Ukraine and the neo-fascist government began targeting Russian speaking regions. The only comparison with Occupied is that the Ukrainian govt is a pawn of the US, not Russia.

  16. I’m loving the Noregian tv shows on Netflix, here in the USA.
    First, “Occupied” is a great fast paced show about how being occupied as a country effects the lives of the political as well as every day peoples. Some fall under pressure while others become heroes. A pleasure to watch!
    Second, “Nobel” is outstanding! I just finished season one last night and I’m still reeling from it! I’m so in love with the way the story of Noregian soldiers in Afghanistan are portrayed at home and abroad. The love and brotherhood stand in stark contrast to the people they are charged with protecting and their political deals that are going on behind closed doors. I love the acting, bravo!
    Sign me up for any more shows coming out of Norway!

  17. Chris says:

    If one were a Russian troll disseminating propaganda promoting their world view it would look an awful lot like the load of crap in Marek’s comment. Still, Occupied is a great show. I can’t wait to see season 2.

  18. Max says:

    Started watching occupied on Netflix & got hooked quickly. Any idea as to when season 2 will be on netflix? Thanks

  19. Bruce Hines says:

    JUDY MEREDITH,there is no slow indoctrination of US politics by Russia at present. ((Except by Hillary)I do see Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State Approving 20% of US Uranium reserve rights given to Russia with Hillary Clintons blessing (she had to sign off on it). This purchase helped the Clintons friends make money and gave Bil Clinton a 500000 speaking fee to boot. The mainstream media which you obviously parrot only mention diplomats (of future trump appointees) discussing diplomacy with Russia WHICH IS THEIR JOB, Nothing from the Trump administration has been found improper, Did the Russians try to influence our election, Yes like they always have . At least Russia didn’t sent envoys to Israel including taxpayer money to influence Isreals election like Barrak Obama did. Where mis the mainstream outcry,
    Also, records show Hillary and Obama denied Russian election disruption ONLY until HILLARY LOST. Most polititions would sell their mother to get in office

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