In his innermost isolation, unheard by the excess of empty actions and words, abandoned in the middle of a dragging reality as they struggle to stay afloat, every man tries to find a meaning to his life. Dead tree watered every day, that is the image of the modern life he says “to live”  -  a more appropriate verb for the luxury market, a car advertise or a tempting chimera. He dreams of being the master of himself and his own time in the eternal wait for the future to come, time when there will be finally enough . . .


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Simone Marques is a Brazilian journalist and writer. Born in Porto Alegre (Brazil), wrote for 10 years for cultural magazines in Brazil and also for Deutsche Welle, for which has an exclusive interview with filmmaker Wim Wenders. Also was manager of audiovisual projects on a foundation of cinema, with initiatives like a Scandinavian film festival in your town. Is a columnist for cinema and has a blog about contemporary Scandinavian cinema, the Zukino. Currently writes for Index on Censorship, an international organization for freedom of expression. Wrote a fiction book (Infinite Fjord), chronicles and stories.