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Norway’s most watched film getting a sequel



Norway’s most viewed film and winner of Best Film at the Amanda Awards, Borning, is getting a remakeDagbladet reports.  The series, which stars Anders Baasmo Christiansen, revolves around a car race that takes place from the bottom of Norway all the way to the North Cape. Over 400,000 Norwegians saw the film when it was in cinemas last year, so it is hardly surprising that the film is getting a sequel.

The film will start production in the wintery month of February, with the release set for as early as next autumn, without support from the Norwegian Film Institute. The car race is set to focus on the icy road conditions that Norwegians face in the winters months. As someone who has driven on those roads, it’s definitely daunting so we can only assume it will be a fairly slow and careful race! Why not race from Norway to Sweden? Norway to Finland? No matter where they go, the sequel will surely be interesting.

You can read about Borning in issue 11 of our magazine, due for release on the 1st of December.