More details released about season two of OCCUPIED

With the release of the second season of Occupied still several months away, more details have been revealed about the direction season two will be taking.

The writers Karianne Lund and Stein Ståle Berg, along with director Erik Skjoldbjaerg, have remained close to reality, this time depicting a headstrong Amercian president who has no interest in protecting anyone but himself, as well as the EU which will fail in deciding what to do. Despite the similarities to the accession of Donald Drumpf as president or Brexit, producer

Despite the similarities to the accession of Donald Drumpf as president or Brexit, producer Gudny Hummelvoll told Filter Film and Television that this was not the intention. Rather, the series takes place in the near future where the world is changing fast.

In the second season, Jesper Berg (Henrik Mestad) is in exile and Anders Knutsen (Morten Svartveit) is the new prime minister of Norway, which is still ‘silk occupied’ by its powerful neighbour, Russia, to the east. Policeman Djupvcik (Eldar Skar) has the blessing of the Russian ambassador (Ingeborg Dabtunaike).

The second season will revolve more around the international political scene and more of the actions taking place abroad, including Brussels and Paris.

Occupied season two will have ten episodes and will premiere on the streaming service Viaplay this autumn.

Here are some images from Viaplay:

Ane Dahl Torp reprises her role.
Skar and Dapkunaite in a scene recorded in Oslo City Hall.
Henrik Mestad and Janne Heltberg as prime minister and headstrong adviser.
Mestad and Hipplyte Girardot, who plays French EU Commissioner.
Demonstrations against EU in Paris.
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