Love and Fury / Syys Prinssi

Alli Haapasalo was still a film student, living in Helsinki, when she first read Anja Shellman’s book Autumn Prince.  She knew straight away how much she liked it and considered the possibility of turning it into a film.

Later on, just before graduating and having moved to New York, she decided that time was right to make her first feature film.

Love and Fury, shot and produced in 2015, is the successful response to that realisation. Like the popular German television spy drama series Deutschland 83’, it is . . .


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Susan Hansen

Susan Hansen is a Danish writer and qualified journalist. She is a regular contributor to national and international magazines and websites. Originally born in South Korea, she has previously lived in Glasgow and Copenhagen. She works for the BBC, in Radio and Music, where she has gained experience in production of television, digital and multi-platform media and has helped cover several large events for the organisation.