Heartstone is a very successful debut of a young director Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson: the awards at the Venice International Film Festival and the Netherlands Production Platform received while the film still was in development prove it. Before Heartstone, Guðmundsson created a reputation of a very talented short film director, with his short films having won over fifty international awards. The film with such regalia definitely cannot be the one you forget easily.

The topic of teenage adolescence in the cinema has gained . . .


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Lina Gordyshevskaya

I was born in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2015 with the degree of Master of Arts in Scandinavian Studies. The topic of my dissertation was ‘The Development of the Medieval Ballad in Sweden’. My interests lie within the literary art of the Viking Age, medieval ballads, history of the Swedish language and Scandinavian cinema.