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Image source: grandteatret via Instagram

Image source: grandteatret via Instagram

Danish film director Thomas Vinterberg and actor Mads Mikkelsen have been knighted in a ceremony in France, with their official title being ‘Ordre des Arts et des Lettres’.

The French Ambassador to Denmark was present to knight them, and said afterwards said that Mikkelsen is “An all-round actor, whose face tells it all: the hardships and joys of life; Mads Mikkelsen takes a risk every time he embodies a new character, a fascinating actor like a man on the edge of the abyss” and Vinterberg “has fought back standardized film productions. He exposes the dark sides of human nature with audacity”.

The list of members of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres includes Bob Dylan, David Bowie and Donald Sutherland. View the full list on Wikipedia here.

Info via madsmikkelsen.com