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The One and Only (1999)

Directed by Susanne Bier

Starring Hella Joof, Jacob Thuesen, Jannie Faurschou, Lars Kaalund, Lars Kjeldgård, Niels Olsen, Paprika Steen, Rafael Edholm, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Sofie Gråbøl, Søs Egelind, Vanessa Gouri

When handyman Niller comes to install Sus' new kitchen one day, their immediate crush is a sweet escape from both of their problematic relationships.

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Mona's World (2001)

Directed by Jonas Elmer

Starring Albert Wichmann, Allan Andersen, Anders Nyborg, Andreas Jessen, Asger Reher, Bjarne Henriksen, Bodil Udsen, Fritze Hedemann, Helle Andersen, Henrik Vestergaard, Jesper Asholt, Karina K. Wulff, Kett Lützhøft Jensen, Klaus Bondam, Mads Mikkelsen, Maria Rich, Martin Buch, Martin Kongstad, Mette Agnete Horn, Michel Castenholt, Nicolaj Kopernikus, Nicolas Bro, Nikolaj Peyk, Rasmus Botoft, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Tanya Jensen, Therese Glahn, Thomas Bo Larsen, Torben Steno, Vicki Berlin, Vigga Bro

A Danish comedy about Mona, who suddenly has a lot to deal with after being taken hostage at a bank robbery, then chased by the love sick bank robber. The cocaine sniffing boss makes her days miserable until he ODs and she takes over.

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Mifune (1999)

Directed by Anders Thomas Jensen, Søren Kragh-Jacobsen

Starring Albert Pedersen, Anders Hove, Anders W. Berthelsen, Arthur Jensen, Christian Grønvall, Christian Sievert, Dan Paustian, Ellen Hillingsø, Emil Tarding, Esben Pedersen, Iben Hjejle, Jens Basse Dam, Jesper Asholt, Keld Nørgård, Kirsten Vaupel, Klaus Bondam, Lene Laub Oksen, Line Kruse, Mette Bratlann, Morten Flyverbom, Ole Møllegaard, Paprika Steen, Peter Rygaard, Rasmus Haxen, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Sofie Gråbøl, Sofie Stougaard, Susanne Storm, Søren Fauli, Søren Malling, Torben Jensen

Kresten has moved from his parents farm on a small Danish island to Copenhagen in order to pursue his working career. When his father dies he has to move back to the farm, where nothing much has happened since he left. He places an ad in the local newspaper to get help running the farm and taking care of his mentally disabled brother. A prostitute named Liva, who is running away from annoying telephone calls, answers it. But running away from your past isn't easy.

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Let's Get Lost (1997)

Directed by Jonas Elmer

Starring Bjarne Henriksen, Jesper Asholt, Martin Kongstad, Nicolaj Kopernikus, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Troels Lyby

Three friends, Steffen, Thomas and Mogens spend a lot of time together in Julies apartment while they talk about soccer and how to get enough money for tickets to the big game next week. At the same time Julie is trying to get in contact with her boyfriend René who she thinks is having an affair. They all talk a lot about whats on their mind during this week.

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Almost Perfect (2012)

Directed by Hella Joof

Starring Birthe Neumann, Casper Crump, Christian Mosbæk, Lene Maria Christensen, Mia Lyhne, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Sidse Babett Knudsen

Anne (37) has given up finding a man, who will fit in to her sensible and controlled life. She has therefore decided to get inseminated with a carefully selected sperm donor. But as her hormones get the better of her she realizes that the child may come to resemble the father and possibly get his less flattering characteristics. Anne feels compelled to find the sperm donor and ensure that he is as perfect as she imagines. She begins to stalk him and slowly but surely she gets involved in his life and finds out that he is far from her idea of a perfect man. Against all odds chemistry occurs between them and Anne has to decide between being in control of her life or letting go and see what love brings.

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